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Tea Towel

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Versatile little linen pieces! We don't know if we should call them napkins, dish towels or hand towels... You tell us what your favourite use is! Take them on your summer picnics - pair it with our Quilted Blanket or use them in your home!

They feature a loop hole for easy drying/storing.


  • 55% Organic Linen, 45% Organic Cotton
  • Can replace single-use paper towels & napkins


    • To get these towels soft & absorbent, wash on delicate cycle with cold water but use the dryer to dry them. They will get softer each time. Once you reach the texture you enjoy, hang dry from then on to extend their life. 
    • You will experience some shrinking at first which is why we made the towels a little bit bigger to start with!


    • 25.5" x 17.5"

    Shown here on our Quilted Blanket