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harly jae // canadian slow fashion house 

"harly jae’s feminine and vintage-inspired designs were born from a desire to bring change to the fashion industry. By carefully selecting our fabrics and working with a local manufacturer in Vancouver, BC., we create conscious pieces that we hope you will cherish for years to come. More than just clothes, harly jae is about the small changes, the journey to discover yourself, the pursuit of a curated life, and the constant fight for love."


Slow fashion is a term that was coined in response to fast fashion, a business model used by large retailers where they quickly and cheaply produce styles and trends seen on the runways in mass amounts. They are then sold in their many stores at incredibly low prices. This results in consumers buying excess amounts of cheap and low-quality clothing which may be worn just once or twice before it is discarded.

Slow fashion resides at the opposite end of this spectrum, promoting well-crafted garments that are designed for longevity. All the while, the impact on the environment is minimized and the well-being of the makers is prioritized.


We apply the slow fashion framework to the following elements of our business: design, production, packaging and branded materials. Please read below for details.

It all begins with the design of each style. In an effort to create timeless pieces we look to classic and vintage fashions for inspiration. We incorporate fresh yet timeless elements into each of our garments. Longevity in terms of quality is also a priority for us. Our pattern maker advises us on fit and best sewing techniques for the pieces we want to bring to life. The fabrics we use consider our planet first and foremost. This is why our collections focus on neutral shades of linen, hemp, bamboo, and organic cotton. Where possible, we use deadstock fabrics to lessen our consumption of new materials.

Each harly jae garment is madlocally in Vancouver, BC. This allows for great quality control and cuts down on pollution that would be a result of transportation. During our regular visits to the production facility, we get to interact with the seamstresses who are paid a fair wage. 

All harly jae packaging is eco-friendly. We ship our packages in 100% recycled Kraft mailers and our promotional materials are printed on eco-friendly paper. Our hang tags are made of recycled t-shirts and our care labels and branded labels are printed with water ink on organic cotton.   

We are proud of our current green initiatives but pledge to continuously improve upon this. If you have any tips, tricks or ideas that you would like to 
share with us, please do so! 

When you ‘vote with your dollars’ by purchasing from a business like harly jae, you are not only making a great impact with a small business, but you are now a part of a movement of change-makers who are on a mission to disrupt the fashion industry. So, thank you! We deeply appreciate you and would not be here without you. Together we can.