Slow Fashion

What is slow fashion?

Slow fashion is a term that was coined in response to Fast Fashion, a business model used by large retailers that consists of quickly mass producing styles and trends seen on the runways and selling them at an incredibly low price in their many stores. This results in consumers buying tons of cheap and low-quality clothing that they may wear once or twice only before they dispose of them.

Slow fashion is at the opposite of this spectrum, promoting well-crafted garments designed for longevity while keeping in mind the well-being of the workers and the environment.

Harly Jae & slow fashion

As the Owner and Designer of Harly Jae, I apply the slow fashion framework at different levels of my small business.


It all begins with the design of each style. I look at vintage pieces and styles that have been popular for many years for inspiration. In an effort to create pieces that will not go out of style, I then create pieces that incorporate those timeless elements. I am then advised by industry experts to ensure that fit and quality are a key component of my designs. I carefully chose the fabrics by trying to minimize the impact on the environment and/or to ensure the best fit and lasting of the garments I want to create. 


Each Harly Jae garment is made locally in Vancouver, BC. This allows for great quality control and cuts down on pollution that would derive from transportation. During my regular visits to the production facility, I get to interact with the sewers who are paid a fair wage. 


All Harly Jae packaging is eco-friendly, thanks to EcoEnclose, who provides amazing eco-conscious solutions. All sewn-in labels are made of organic cotton while hang tags, promotional material, and such are printed on eco-friendly paper. 


When you purchase an Harly Jae piece, you are not only supporting a small business, you are supporting a movement of change-makers who are on a mission to better the fashion industry, so thank you, and good on you!

I am always looking for ways to better my work. If you know of new eco-friendly initiatives that could benefit Harly Jae, please do not hesitate to contact me!