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  • November 30, 2021 3 min read

    We truly try our best to bring you clothing that has meaning & intention.
    Read on for the story behind our new Cloud Sleep Set.  


    The Cloud Sleep Set

    written in 2021

    I spent a lot of time wearing pyjamas the past couple of years… First there was the pandemic, then pregnancy, and the arrival of my daughter. Let's just say excuses to stay in my PJs all day have not been lacking. 

    Creating a sleep set had been on my list of things to design for a while so, with all the pyjama-wearing experience I got under my belt recently, I got to work.

    At first, my plan was to create the "most practical ethically made pyjama" there was on the market. “It shouldn’t be that hard” I thought to myself. After all, I did have a list of things I loved & hated about the sleepwear I owned.  

    But, as they usually do, things got complicated.

    To go beyond my personal (and very opinionated) point of view, I conducted some market research. That’s when I realized that pyjamas can be a very divisive topic (who would have thought !?)

    People's sleepwear preferences are different to say the least. And I get it.

    Some of us live in warm or cold (or both) climates, sleep alone or have to share their bed with tiny and big warm humans, our weight fluctuates, there’s that time of month, and that time of life when you get hotter than usual at night. The list can really go on here.

    The bottom line was that I was not going to please everyone if I went the "practical" route. Alas, this isn't a story about how I revolutionized the pyjama industry...

    So, I had to go back to what I know I am good at, which is: designing pieces that make women feel their best self in. 

    And then, it all clicked in:
    Could I create something that took away the dreaded shameful feeling that comes with staying in your pj's all day?  

    Don’t get me wrong, as a stay-at-home/work-from-home-mom I know and appreciate the power of dressing up first thing in the morning. You feel more productive, and blah, blah, blah. ;)

    BUT, let’s be real here, there are those days where it just doesn't happen and I don’t think we should feel bad about it. 

    So, this is the gap our cloud set will fill in your closet:
    a feel-good pj all day combo.

    harly jae | Cloud Sleepwear Set

    Like me, you may only actually sleep in the top and wear boxers as your bottom because your husband is a heater (that’s actually what I call him). Or, you may sleep with the bottoms and wear something warmer on top because you get the bed to yourself and live in Canada (like Christi).

    But, when morning comes, you’ll reach for the matching piece. And at around 11am you’ll catch your reflection in the mirror: yes, your hair is wild but you look like an angelic being. So you'll carry on with your day, without changing, and you won't feel guilty about it. That my friends, is also very powerful.

    I should also mention, this set isn’t called Cloud for fun.
    That’s truly what it feels like to walk around the house wearing it. The fabric is so soft you may become a pj all day *everyday* kind of person.

    There's more to love: I tested it in bed many nights and the set looks amazing when you wake up. It doesn't have deep wrinkles like my linen jammies do! The fabric is truly amazing.

    - With love, Laïla, xo