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  • February 23, 2019 1 min read

    Our Flores Blouse is a favourite to be worn on chilly days where you want to cozy up without forfeiting the naturally chic vibe of harly jae. 

    We asked our new co-creator, Lindsay, to share her review of our beloved design:

    An ode to Flores

    "I find myself not going a day without wearing Flores (yes, I refer to her as Flores). She pulls elements of some of my most cherished tops, together in one.

    Exaggerated sleeves that beautifully hang, slightly long and billowing along my wrists. A seam that runs along the auric line of my chest, casually draping across my back. 

    The soft & radiant bone viscose & the structured black linen. I love each equally.

    Flores checks off all the components that I look for in a piece. Elegant & versatile. Natural 
    fibers, ethically made. Comfortable and easy to care for. A piece that I will wear countless times, season after season."

    This favourite also comes in a caramel linen.

    If you have a Flores blouse, please DM us on Instagram with a photo of how you wear this beauty so we can share!

    the harly jae team