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  • August 23, 2021 4 min read


    Meet Joy Kinna, a BC-based abstract artist.
    We fell in love with her calming artwork through Instagram, and have since also fell in love with the way she approaches life & creativity as a whole.

    In this interview, she tells us all about her creative process, how her art has evolved since she began creating, and her perspective shift during her second pregnancy.


    What 3 words best describe you?

    Introspective, visual and calm

    What does a typical day look like for you, in and out of your studio?

    My days in the studio often have a slow start, working through emails, a studio tidy and organize. Then I will start painting. I will work on more pressing projects with timelines first and then save more experimenting / play to the end. The goal is to allow myself to have enough time to enter into the flow state and have limited distractions. It is usually just myself in my studio and my studio manager a few days a week.  The days I don’t have childcare, my daughter joins me as well.

    harly jae - Discover Her: Joy Kinna

    Do you remember your first creative moment? What was it?

    Being creative has always just been a part of my day to day life. I don’t remember my first “creative moment” but I will say, I remember a time in university where abstract painting really clicked for me.  I was in my first year, studying Art + Design and I was dreading having to take abstract painting. At the time I was focusing a lot more on drawing. I vividly remember sitting down with my first assignment, which had very little direction; and feeling like I had no idea how to start. Once I began working on it, it was incredibly freeing and capturing.  From that moment on I haven’t stopped exploring my love for it.

    harly jae - Discover Her: Joy Kinna

    How has your art evolved since you first started creating?

    My work has evolved in a lot of ways over the years. My first abstract pieces were a lot smaller for the most part. They typically were inspired by brighter colours, a lot more exploratory. Now my work is a lot more thoughtfully considered, the palette is carefully selected and the materials I use play a larger importance into my overall piece. I have really learnt more about the experiences that inspire me and bring life into my work and and that is what I focus on now.

    Where do you go when you want to feel inspired?

    I always go towards the water. There is something about the ocean that brings so much peace and clarity to me. Growing up on the coast is something I will never take for granted, and it has really informed so much of the way I interact with the natural world around me. I am heavily inspired by nature and the visual landscape we have here in BC. My family has always shared sacred and special moments in nature, and it has naturally woven into my process of creating.

    harly jae - Discover Her: Joy Kinna

    harly jae - Discover Her: Joy Kinna

    We noticed you work by the ocean from time to time! What do you love about working by the sea?

    Yes! Because I am so inspired by the coast line, I find it is so rewarding to create down by the water. It is one thing to visit a spot and bring memories back into the studio, it is another thing entirely to create outside, in the exact environment that brings so much insight into my work.

    How do you like to end your days?

    I like to end my day at the studio with a quick tidy, a way to honour my space and set up for the next time I will come in. But in terms of my entire day, I find my favourite way to end the day often includes reflecting on the day with my husband, spending time to journal and process my day.

    harly jae - Discover Her: Joy Kinna

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! How are you approaching this second pregnancy compared to your first one?

    I am approaching this one with a lot more grace than the first time but also a lot more confidence and peace. I’m finding it easier to honour where my body is at, and take it slow when I need to. I have this perspective shift because I have done it once before and there is a level of ease that comes with that. I remember it doesn’t last forever and although pregnancy can feel hard and overwhelming some days - it is also such a beautiful and empowering time that I am reminded to cherish.

    harly jae - Discover Her: Joy Kinna

    What has 2021 taught you so far?

    2021 has taught me a lot about priorities. Really aligning my true priorities with my actions and noticing how it feels when my priorities are properly aligned vs when they are out of alignment. I am sticking to focusing on a few things and doing them well in this season, rather than spreading myself too thin.

    Where can we find you and learn more about your artwork?

    Instagram is the best place to stay updated with my work and the behind the scenes of my practice -- instagram.com/joykinna and of course my website for previous work and to join my mailing list - www.joykinna.com


    Joy wears our Palermo Jumpsuit

    Find Joy through her website and Instagram

    Photos taken by Rachael Alexandra