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  • June 26, 2021 5 min read


    This new series explores the multi-faceted ways in which the women who wear our clothes weave entrepreneurship to motherhood, to creating a lifestyle that is uniquely theirs. We are bringing to life their stories to you.


    Kristen Haines is the Alberta-based maker behind Luna Goods. Passionate about sustainability and transparency in the businesses she supports, she applies the same values to her own business. As a mom of 3, she spends most of her time outdoors, exploring the best things that nature has to offer. 

    Read on to discover Kristen.


    Who is Kristen Haines?

    Hmmm. I’m a creative, with very little patience to learn new creative skills. A mother, who loves going to parks and long walks but hates playing make believe. I’m a partner, who’s the total opposite of my husband but we love each other deeply. I’m a cancer, with a Pisces moon, and am watery in all the ways. I deeply love my home, and its ever evolving way as I find things new to me, items I fall deeply in love with.

    harly jae x kristen haines

    How would you describe your lifestyle, what do most days look like?

    Our lifestyle revolves around the outdoors. We live on an acreage and if the weather permits 80% of our day is outside. We love being together as a family and because both Isaac and I work from home we spend a lot of time doing things together. 

    I'm typically with my husband and our youngest, Forest June, and one of us makes a fire indoors or out depending on weather, while the other makes lattes. Our older kids Sawyer Luna and Poppy join us as Isaac goes to work in our studio. I usually make the girls tea and breakfast and help them start play and head into the studio myself. I work while wearing my youngest Forest during his morning nap.

    Our afternoons are filled with adventure. Gardening, going to lakes and playgrounds, skating in the winter, seeing those we love (outdoors). I bring my work with me everywhere and am sometimes productive working, sometimes just playing.

    Isaac and I love making meals together so we usually cook together at night, and enjoy the sun setting while eating outdoors. I’m not into schedules so our days are very go with the flow... and our kiddos moods.

    harly jae journal - Discover Her - Kristen Haines

    Can you tell us about Luna Goods and how it came to be?

    Isaac started Fieldwork Co after our daughter Sawyer was born 5 years ago, because he was working full time and I would help him with small things in production. I was on maternity leave from my job in the fashion industry and was craving some sort of creativity. I ended up designing some pieces with the intention of Isaac making them, but he basically told me I had to learn.

    My process is ever evolving, and forever learning and getting better at leathercraft. I’m so thankful to him because it’s a medium I love, but don’t think I would have ever picked up on my own.

    harly jae journal - Discover Her - Kristen Haines

    We love that you are a supporter of small, sustainable businesses! What does sustainability mean to you?

    Sustainability to me, is knowing that my purchase isn’t harming people or the earth. Like I said, we spend so much time outdoors, we love it deeply. As a family we are always in the process of slowly changing our habits to protect the beauty we see around us daily.

    Are there any specific values that you look for when you shop at these businesses?

    My favourite places to shop are places that I have had some kind of connection with the owner. Whether it’s a random conversation on IG, or we have developed a relationship, I love supporting businesses when I know the people behind the brand.

    I look for women owned, specifically mama owned shops. This is just something personal to me, as a mother knowing its unique challenges in being a mother/maker. 

    Natural materials, and transparency in production are 2 other factors that weigh heavily in my mind, as well as the amount of goods a business is putting out each season.

    harly jae journal - Discover Her - Kristen Haines

    How do you apply intentionality in Luna Goods?

    Everything is made by my hands, start to finish. I chose my leather medium, vegetable tanned hides based off of how they are tanned and the longevity of their life. I only produce what I love, and what my life can sustain. I don’t want to grow beyond that ever. 

    I feel like as a mother of 3, every bag or collection I make I have to weigh it - do I love making this enough to sacrifice the time with my kids, do I think there is value in this, do I love this?

    harly jae journal - Discover Her - Kristen Haines

    harly jae journal - Discover Her - Kristen Haines

    How do you balance being a mom to 3 kids as well as running your business?

    Balance makes it sound like I have it figured out, when I definitely don’t. Some days are smooth and I feel like I was a great mom and productive creative. Some days the creative gets set aside, and some days, my kids spend tons of time being independent while I fill my creative cup (or just get stuff off my mental plate). 

    I changed the way I produce when I got pregnant this third time. I couldn’t do made to order any more, I needed a way to produce that I could set aside for a week with little pressure, and now do smaller drops of made goods. 

    Also, the park is my baby sitter. I designed my work in a way I can bring my stitching with me, it’s the only way I can do what I do.

    You recently fell in love with film photography, what do you love about it?

    Its intentionality. You have to wait, be sure, think before you capture. Even the spontaneous moments captured feel more intentional. I love it’s raw beauty and how film just captures every day moments in a way that is hard with digital. There’s a lot of feeling there.

    harly jae journal - Discover Her - Kristen Haines

    What are you and your little fam excited for this summer?

    Our tent trailer! We just got a tent trailer and have been doing some renovations on it, and hopefully can take it out on several trips this summer. Our goal is in the fall to make it out to BC and the Sunshine Coast. 

    harly jae journal - Discover Her - Kristen Haines


    Kristen wears our Palermo Jumpsuit and Paysanne Dress

    Find Kristen here and follow her creations here.