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  • January 29, 2021 2 min read


    a brighter space to welcome you into!

    After 1.5 year of paying our dues in a tiny, dark studio
    (I am going to spare you the details of our old view but picture a red emergency staircase covered in what pigeons like to bless us with... you get the idea!)
    we have now moved into the beautiful space I think our clothes deserved all along!

    Don't worry though, we're not far away from where we used to be.
    We actually stayed in the same building, The Dominion, in Gastown Vancouver. We love the community of small businesses this building hosts and the charming old world architecture if offers, which is rare to come by in our city.

    harly jae - new studio

    Our new studio is a little more than double the space of our old one! It's divided in two rooms, which we turned into a 
    3 in 1 concept:

    A bright & beautiful showroom for our pieces to live in,
    an inspiring & calming office for us to work out of,
    and a mini photo studio to diversify the way we showcase our designs. 

    harly jae - new studio

    The first room  hosts our beautiful showroom. This is the space we welcome you into. We keep it tidy & on brand so you get the true harly jae experience when you come by. Our clothing hangs from the ceiling, our Zero Waste Collection is displayed on a cute vintage table, and we have a fitting room that allows you to try it all on! 

    The other rooms houses our office space and stockroom. Visitors are always surprised to see how little inventory we carry. When we say small batch clothing, we truly mean it, guys!

    This room also has a mini photo studio to allow us to take photos of our designs on more diverse bodies. This is actually the true reason why we moved to a bigger space, and we cannot wait to foster this vision in 2021.


    harly jae - new studio

    If you're local to Vancouver, book your private shopping appointment today
    We can't wait to welcome you!