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  • October 23, 2020 3 min read


    This series highlight women who live a different lifestyle than what many of us have come to believe life "should" look like.

    Pheonix Wild is a mom of three living in Hawaii. We admire her connection to nature, her artistic approach to life, and how she stays true to her beliefs: that be about motherhood, anti-racism work, or whatever else is happening in her world. Follow her on Instagram for a deeper glimpse into her life. 

    In the photos, Phoenix wears our Zero-Waste Bandeau and Rhodes Shorts, both in Black.

    harly jae - Journal - The Lifestyle Edit - Phoenix Ferrell


    First, take us back to what has been your journey into becoming the woman that you are today?

    I am a southern army brat to sum up my childhood, haha. I moved around a bit and grew up mostly in the south. I became a mother in Atlanta and due to our obsession with our new little sun and the desire to be fully in nature, me and my partner decided to make the move to Hawaii. It’s been a lot of beautiful lessons. Hard work is important. We did not arrive on a platter. We love it here, it will be one of our forever homes. 

    You seem to have a very artistic approach to life, were you always this way?

    Yes. I have always been the black sheep in most situations. Thinking clearly about life, in ways that both startled and inspired those I became around. 

    You are raising three beautiful children on the island of Kauai in Hawaii, in what ways have your children changed you?

    They have completely given me a new lens to look through. One that I never would have seen without their births. I understand my mother and all mothers very differently. It is hard, hard work being a parent. I don’t take the job lightly but I’m having so much fun!


    harly jae - Journal - The Lifestyle Edit - Phoenix Ferrell


    In what ways have you stayed the same since becoming a mom?

    I still love and find time to read. I expand and retract my wardrobe with an evolving style. I love a good long movie. I still get butterflies when I look at the father of my tribe.

    Good food is a big part of your lifestyle, tell us how you approach this on a daily basis?

    We just focus on the highest quality and love sharing meals with friends. Lots of beach lunches and birthday party potlucks and someone bringing you 10 avocados because it’s avocado season and everyone is trying to share the abundance. It’s a fun flow here with food. 


    harly jae - Journal - The Lifestyle Edit - Phoenix Ferrell


    Walk us through what a typical day looks like for you?

    Abrupt wake ups and mostly hilarious commentary from my toddlers, haha. Breakfast, Free Play/Little Homeschool structure, going outside, meetings with photographers or karate/gymnastics classes. It has been full on around here lately.

    What does living a prosperous & abundant life mean to you? 

    Being able to give and not expect anything in return. But to be paid in full due to the law of abundance. 

    What do you love most about living in Kauai?

    5 minutes or closer to any beach from anywhere on the island. 


    harly jae - Journal - The Lifestyle Edit - Phoenix Ferrell


    Do you believe in an anti-racist future for your kids? 

    Of course. I think it is important to dive into the true differences between DNA however... Then, racism will look more like jealousy instead of violence. And jealousy is just admiration. So the energy can be neutralized instead of being negative. We should not long to be anything we are not. 

    What would you like to tell white people who’ve recently woken up to the extent of their privilege and are wanting to be part of the solution?

    It may not seem like the right thing to say but I believe the only solution that can be created must be taught and created from our own mothers. We, as Mothers, have to review our decisions and judge our own agreement to this system. We are the original teachers of this planet... So anything that has been flipped on us was taught from out of our wombs anyways. White people cannot offer a solution. For they are not the problem. And it was not their destiny to carry this burden. We will arise from our own ashes. It was our own unwillingness to acknowledge this flame that has ultimately caused the destruction. My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. This message is clear for those who wish to see it. 

    What’s in the next chapter of your life for you and your family?

    We are headed to travel in Mexico and then Africa. To learn, grow, and continue to rediscover our true purpose here on Earth at this time.

    Thank you for having me here. 


    Phoenix wears our Zero-Waste Bandeau and Rhodes Shorts, both in Black.
    Find her on Instagram.