April 26, 2017

Caring about the people

During my first manufacturing class, while attending fashion school, our teacher said to us: "after this course, you will understand why you should always wash your new clothes before wearing them." She was referring to the number of hands that touch our garments before they hang in our closets. 

Guess what, those hands, belong to people.

This week is Fashion Revolution Week. This year's campaign focuses on the people who make our clothes. 

In order to disrupt the fashion industry, we need to better the relationship we have with our clothes. This starts by wanting the best for the people who make them

I am very proud to say that harly jae's designs will be handmade by four wonderful women in an open concept design and manufacturing space that is located at a walking distance from my home in Vancouver, Canada. I look forward to getting to know these women and share their stories with you.

Discover how you can get involved in the Fashion Revolution here!  

"Be curious, find out, and do something."
Let's change fashion for the better,
- Laïla