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  • March 06, 2019 1 min read

    How pre-orders lessen waste

    Our most complete & elegant collection to date, La Passantejust launched - and most pieces are currently available as pre-orders.

    You might be wondering, why pre-order

    It’s so true, it can be hard to participate in a pre-order because it calls for something that our fast-paced existence has nearly eliminated the need for: patience.  So, we wanted to share with you a few words on the upside of pre-ordering, especially for a small brand such as ourselves.

    Your pre-orders not only help us finance production, but more importantly, they contribute to the lessening of waste. Have you ever been let down because your size is out of stock? This is a result of brands having to guess the quantities of sizes to manufacture. But, when you make a pre-order, we no longer have to guess! Instead, we can produce exactly what you want, in which size you need. Same goes for guessing which items you will love most. Pre-sales allow us to see which styles resonate more with you, our dear customer.

    And lastly, we love how that spark of excitement over your new piece extends in time as you patiently wait for your item to be sewn… Yes, hand sewn right here in beautiful Vancouver, BC.

    We hope that you are inspired in knowing that your choices to shop in this slower, more conscious way, are greatly contributing to our shared vision for a sustainable future in fashion!

    Have a look at our SS19 La Passante Collection.