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  • May 09, 2024 4 min read


    Our newest Journal series brings you inspiring founders and creators of brands we admire. From ceramics to accessories, we hope these interviews give you an informative peek into the entrepreneurs behind these businesses. 
    Courtney and Shelby are the mother-daughter duo behind Supercrush - a local Vancouver small business that creates vibrant and fun hair accessories. We love how easy-to-use their pieces are, all while adding a pop of excitement to any outfit. We thought it would be so fitting to share this interview on Mother's Day, so here we are! We loved reading about their dynamic, we hope you enjoy their interview as much as we did.


    Within each of our interview features, we typically start off with an intro from each person – what is your “elevator pitch” to someone who doesn’t know anything about you? 

    Supercrush is a small business, founded by a mother/daughter duo in 2018, on a mission to create hair accessories that make doing your hair actually fun! 

    Walk us through the journey that got Supercrush to where it is today.

    Back in 2018, Shelby and I started sewing scrunchies in her kitchen as a fun little creative outlet from our corporate jobs. We shared them with family and friends and pretty soon strangers on the internet started wanting to buy them! After a few months we started building our team of local sewers and after a year we quit our full-time jobs. 

    Since then, we’ve launched new product categories (including claw clips and dry shampoo) and have been featured in major publications such as Allure, Elle, and The Today Show. We’re also carried in ~50 independent boutiques and salons across Canada. 

    Although much has changed in the last 6 years, a lot of things have stayed exactly the same: Our obsession with quality, our dedication to producing all our products responsibly, and our commitment to giving back.  

    We’re so grateful for how far we’ve come and having the opportunity to navigate this journey as a mother/daughter duo has been such an unexpected blessing. 

    harly jae x supercrush

    It’s so heartwarming to see your connection and strong bond reflected through the brand – how has your mother-daughter relationship evolved over the years and since starting Supercrush together?

    Our dynamic works because we have different strengths but the same values, which keeps us aligned.

    It’s felt pretty seamless since the beginning because we’ve always been super close. But tackling challenges and relying on each other in a business setting has really grown our mutual respect and admiration for each other. 

    We have a lot of fun together! It’s cool to experience the amazing synchronicity we’ve developed after 6 years - a lot does not need to be said because we can predict what the other is thinking. 

    harly jae x supercrush

    What is your favourite part about working together?

    The time spent together! What a unique opportunity we have to get to share so much quality time together during studio days (with Courtney’s two kiddos in tow) or getting to travel together (like we just did to California to shoot our new collection). 

    What are some ways that you incorporate sustainability and responsible practices within Supercrush? Why are these aspects important to you?

    With a new generation literally growing up before our eyes we realize that we must use resources responsibly and care for the planet in small, everyday ways. One example is packaging, which is a necessary evil. Firstly, we try to repurpose what we receive by reusing it as crush or for storage. Also, we use minimal but effective packaging to ship orders and still maintain some excitement in the unboxing experience. Another example would be choosing a 100% compostable option for our Super Powder Dry Shampoo … a product that conserves water in and of itself by extending your style and helping you go a day or two longer between washing.

    harly jae x supercrush

    What is each of your favourite piece within your newest collection?

    Shelby: Catalina Red anything! Finally a bold colour that seems to be tempting even our neutral girlies. 

    Courtney: I really love the Silk Hair Ties! The colours are SO fun for summer and there are endless styling options. 

    Who are your hairstyle icons?

    Shelby: Annika von Holdt, Paulina Porizkova, Luisa (the Silver Lining)

    Courtney: The first that comes to mind is Rachel Green, haha. But I’m constantly inspired by creators like @roralovestrand @goodhaircarrie and our California Dreamin’ co-designer @caitregan

    harly jae x supercrush

    Summer days are soon upon us! What harly jae piece are you most excited to wear throughout the summer?

    Shelby - the Poésie Top you see me wearing in the shots. So comfortable and the colour will go with all my whites and blues. 

    Courtney: My Girlie Skirt for sure. I love how you can dress it up or dress it down and the oatmeal colour pairs so effortlessly with all my other fave Harly Jae tops.

    harly jae x supercrush


    Courtney wears our Tully Top & Girlie Skirt
    Shelby wears our Poésie Top & Aura Pants

    You can shop Supercrush through their website and follow their Instagram for new launches and updates.