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  • April 26, 2024 4 min read


    Our newest Journal series brings you inspiring founders and creators of brands we admire. From ceramics to accessories, we hope these interviews give you an informative peek into the entrepreneurs behind these businesses. 
    Our first feature is Lauren Strybos. Within her Calgary-based studio, Lauren creates the most playful ceramics. From flower vases to mugs, her work radiates positivity and joyfulness! We can't wait for you to explore her work and get to know her better.


    First things first, how do you introduce yourself when meeting new people?

    Hi! My name is Lauren Strybos, I’m a ceramic artist living in Calgary, Alberta, with my partner and my corgi puppy Remy! You can find me on Instagram and on Youtube where I share day-to-day in the studio, weekly vlogs, and occasional instructional pottery how-to’s.

    Your pieces exude such happiness and joy! We’re curious where you draw your inspiration from.

    I draw a lot of my inspiration from being outdoors - you might notice I have a lot of animal influence in my work. I used to create quite neutral pieces but have been in a colourful phase as of late - there is something extra exciting to me about opening a kiln full of bright & cheery work.

    harly jae x lauren strybos

    We were so excited to see the pictures of you in our pieces! Describe your style to us and how harly jae complements that :)

    Because I spend so much time in the studio, I like to be comfortable, but I also like to feel “put together” - which is how I would describe my pieces from harly jae. Perfect for everyday, relaxed, and something I can move in freely. I try not to restrict myself from wearing nice clothing when I’m working, beautiful pieces like these deserve to be worn in the studio too!

    How often do you create pieces/batches? It seems like they sell out quick!

    I’m always working on something new, but the process of creating ceramics is such a long one. There’s the initial wheel-throwing or hand-building which is often romanticized online, but then there’s also the trimming, attaching handles, hand-painting, bisqueing, glazing, firing and sanding - so many steps involved! I try to make collections of work available every few months. They do sell fairly quickly, and I’m so grateful people choose to have my creations in their homes.

    harly jae x lauren strybos

    If you had to pick one piece (past or present work) that is your favourite, which would that be?

    I did a solo show in 2021 where I made pieces inspired by white & blue Chinese porcelain, and on this large hand-built vase I painted different species endemic to both China and Jamaica. It was a very special piece as it combined my cultural background and my love for animals & art all together.

    Previously you were a wildlife biologist! What drew you to that career?

    I went to school for environmental conservation - to be honest I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I got older, but I knew that I loved animals and being outside - so it seemed like the perfect match!

    harly jae x lauren strybos

    When and why did you decide you wanted to become a full time ceramicist?

    In 2015 I took my first pottery class and fell in love with it! I was working full-time as a biologist and bought some clay and tools to play with at home, eventually found a studio near me that I rented hourly wheel-time from, and kept working on my skills.

    Eventually I quit my job and actually ended up travelling across Canada in my car with some friends for a year, ended up in Calgary and tried to make a more solid effort at selling my work while also working part-time at a plant shop. By the time 2019 came, I felt like my business was doing well enough to transition to full-time, and I started making moves. I would say my journey was pretty slow and steady!

    harly jae x lauren strybos

    Outside of ceramics, what other activities do you enjoy doing?

    I love camping, hiking, watching scary movies, spending time with my friends and my dog, filming & editing videos for my Youtube channel @fromtreetosea

    What are some future projects you hope to bring to life?

    This year I'm working on project where I make 100 mini ceramic chairs - inspired by the book 1000 Chairs by Charlotte & Peter Fiell. I’ve got a copy that I’ve asked friends to look through and bookmark their favourites for inspo, and I’ve noted a few of my favourites as well!

    harly jae x lauren strybos

    Lastly, tell us about the workshops that you host! Would you ever host bigger events or host in other cities?

    I have mainly been doing handbuilding workshops, I think it’s a fun and approachable way to be introduced to working with clay! They’ve been such a highlight of my job, and it also feels good to step out of my comfort zone to teach and connect with people over this amazing medium. People often surprise themselves with their own creativity and abilities and it’s magical to see how everyones’ pieces end up after the final firing. I would definitely love to host bigger workshops in another city one day! 

    harly jae x lauren strybos


    Lauren wears our Milos Dress / hj Tee with Aura Pants

    You can shop Lauren's creations on her website, and you can follow her on Youtube & Instagram.

    Photography taken by Jo Concetta (Website / Instagram)