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  • May 09, 2019 6 min read


    The harly jae muse is our written offering which brings to you the life and stories of the intentional women who wear our clothes. We want to share with you who they are, what their influences are and what their deepest hopes & dreams are made of. 

    This Mother’s Day, what better way to celebrate motherhood than diving into the world of the women behind Mother Muse Magazine (MM). In this issue, you will be introduced to Shereen Jupp, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of MM, and Inga Avedyan, Online Co-Editor of MM. 

    We have not been shy in expressing our admiration for them; for every bit of content they release into both the physical and virtual world opens a new portal for woman to celebrate and be celebrated. Yet still, despite endearing them quite sweetly, deeper we fell as we read their heartfelt responses to our questions. 

    Being the two co-creators of harly jae that we are, we have yet to experience motherhood ourselves and so we feel immense gratitude for the women who walk before us, liberating women and motherhood in ways never seen before. What is being created and cascaded out into the world by MM is ground breaking and paving a beautiful and bountiful path before us. How lucky we are to live in this time. 

    Please read on to indulge in the essence of the Shereen & Inga...

    Part I: Here with Shereen 
    Part II: Below with Inga

    harly jae x mother muse

    1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. what are the essentials your loved ones would share with us about you?

    I have a kind open heart. At times I feel I might be too open to people, but I can’t be the other way, I’m either all out or not at all. I’m a Leo so I definitely enjoy attention and being around people, I’m also a very loyal, very supportive friend. I’m an adventurous soul, I did all the crazy stuff before becoming a mother like sky diving, rock climbing, scuba diving, paragliding, ATVs etc. Give me a snowboard and leave me on a mountain for a few hours and I would be the happiest. Overall I enjoy life and value little things in life like waking up with my daughter every day, watching her wobble, laughs with my husband, delicious homemade breakfast, sunny weather, walks in nature and many more. I always wonder how lucky we are to live on this beautiful land, to breathe this fresh air and to have each other in our life.

    2. We would love to hear about the evolution of you and Shereen’s relationship. how did you come into one another’s lives and what led you to becoming co-editor of Mother Muse?

    It all started with her wedding. I found out a while ago that she was getting married and I was building my wedding portfolio at that time, so I asked if I can peek and snap some photos of her special day which she happily agreed to. After her wedding we kept in touch. Ever since, we watched each other grow professionally and personally. I photographed for Mother Muse a few times but never really thought of becoming a part of it until later on. When I became a mother my values shifted and I wanted to share my experience and skills towards something more meaningful and unique, I was trying to find myself. We just happened to be around each other at the right time sharing similar values and interests.

    harly jae x mother muse

    3. We admire your ability to balance motherhood with your creative and business endeavours. What practices do you lean upon that allow balance to be sustained between the two?

    We all seek for a balance, don’t we? But I would call it a beautiful chaos instead. One day is good and even easy, other day is extremely hard. The practice I’m learning now is to take what you can in a day. If something didn’t turn out the way we want it today, try again tomorrow. New day - new possibilities!  

    4. It has been shared that with birthing a child, the mother also undergoes a re-birthing of herself. Were there specific qualities that you called in to embody within your 'new self'?

    Since my daughter was born I felt like the whole world around me got muted in some way. Things that bothered me before didn’t make much sense now. I stopped to react on actions that I knew wouldn’t bring any joy to our life. I definitely gained more strength. I had to. I am now responsible for a living soul that grows and thrives because of my body, my well-being and my attention. 

    5. Tell us about your transition to motherhood, what was unexpected?

    My transition to motherhood was the most natural I’ve ever felt. The moment I had my daughter I knew exactly what and how to do, I wanted to go home right away, I didn’t feel the need to stay at the hospital. It was beautiful. However the most unexpected and difficult thing was breastfeeding. I’ve read a lot of things about pregnancy, birthing, but I didn’t know that what I really have to get ready for was breastfeeding.

    harly jae x mother muse

    6. What are the greatest ways that your husband has fortified you in your expanded role as a mother?

    One thing that got affected very much after becoming a mother is my relationship with my husband. It was extremely hard to keep being as close as we were when I had a little one on my hands craving for my love. However, my husband is the most patient man I know, he gave me as much space as I needed to and tried to accommodate every wish we had. He also supported me so much when I’ve decided to take on a few projects while Amelie was still very small. He always listens to me and provides an immense mental support when I need it the most. I can’t imagine my life without him.

    7. It is so enriching to see how you have embraced a slow approach to life. What are a few of your favourite home goods that bring you pure joy and assist you in savouring each moment?

    We recently moved to a new place and still in a nesting process, but I really enjoy our new tableware. For me the aesthetics of gatherings is so important, it definitely sparks so much joy.

    8. Speaking of a slow approach to life, what pulls on your heart most about the future of fashion?

    My big hope is about a major change. A shift in consumer behaviour. I hope the future will look more mindful and sustainable. There is nothing more heartwarming about fashion than when local or small businesses are being supported and when people like us are being recognized for their craft. Maybe we cannot change the whole world in one day but we can change our behaviour. Make right choices!

    harly jae x mother muse

    9. How do you approach Instagram slowly?

    Even though I’m on social media often I’m being mindful of how I use it. I would say: follow someone who makes you happy and feel good. Life is too precious to spend it on things that don’t matter.

    10. What is your favourite meal to cook, and what would you be listening to in the kitchen?

    I love to cook in general, it doesn’t matter what that would be. I wish I could dedicate more time to cooking now, but I go with whatever I can. So, on a regular day I would most likely be making (for dinner!) some quinoa with salmon or halibut marinated under olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, rosemary and cilantro. I will also garnish it all with a salad: golden berries, arugula, avocado, oranges (or figs), olives maybe or whatever is left in the fridge. Accompanied by Solange, Leon Bridges, Khalid or anything Majestic Casual. 

    11. When do you feel most beautiful?

    I feel most beautiful when I’m the most happy. 

    12. “What you seek is seeking you” - Rumi. What are you calling into your life at the moment?

    I call for fulfilment in my personal journey. Even though I feel more full inside like never before, I need an outlet to express all the creativity that fills me up and to engage in something meaningful and life changing.

    Thank you for being so generous & open with your answers, Inga. 

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