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  • May 09, 2019 5 min read

    hj muse 02: the women of Mother Muse (part I)
    Shereen Jupp Founder & Editor in Chief

    The harly jae muse is our written offering which brings to you the life and stories of the intentional women who wear our clothes. We want to share with you who they are, what their influences are and what their deepest hopes & dreams are made of. 

    This Mother’s Day, what better way to celebrate motherhood than diving into the world of the women behind Mother Muse Magazine (MM). In this issue, you will be introduced to Shereen Jupp, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of MM, and Inga Avedyan, Online Co-Editor of MM. 

    We have not been shy in expressing our admiration for them; for every bit of content they release into both the physical and virtual world opens a new portal for woman to celebrate and be celebrated. Yet still, despite endearing them quite sweetly, deeper we fell as we read their heartfelt responses to our questions. 

    Being the two co-creators of harly jae that we are, we have yet to experience motherhood ourselves and so we feel immense gratitude for the women who walk before us, liberating women and motherhood in ways never seen before. What is being created and cascaded out into the world by MM is ground breaking and paving a beautiful and bountiful path before us. How lucky we are to live in this time. 

    Please read on to indulge in the essence of the Shereen & Inga...

    Part I: Below with Shereen
    Part II: Here with Inga

    Shereen Jupp Founder & Editor in Chief of Mother Muse Magazine for harly jae

    1. First, take us back to what has been your journey into becoming the woman that you are today? What was it like being a young model in the fashion industry?

    I had first started with photography specifically shooting with my Opa's film camera. I absolutely loved capturing street photography which led me to meet other photographers. They soon asked to photograph me for fun. One of them suggested I actually go into modelling, my first reaction was I can't because I am petite but I actually ended up being scouted by a few agencies after my photos made their way on social media. In my career I was signed with 3 international agencies and I did love being part of this creative world but it was also a depressing world. I felt like I was never truly myself and always having to pretend to be a character on photoshoots. I believe modelling taught me a lot about myself and has connected me with some true talent that I still work with today. It allowed me to travel to places I've dreamed of working and I am grateful for those experiences. But, in the end, being signed with agencies was not for me. I felt unhappy with them. I still continue to do modelling but I am very selective of the jobs and I love it much more now that I am in control of who I work with. 

    2. You have two beautiful children that you birthed into this world. Tell us about the blessings that they have bestowed upon you.

    Children are the greatest blessing. You acknowledge how precious life truly is once you become a parent. Although they are little they have taught me more then they will ever know. They have gifted me with laughter and love that you can't even describe with words.

    3. Is there a story to be shared around how you chose their names?

    I have always adored old fashion names, timeless and romantic ones. Adaline was inspired from a book and her middle name Rose just felt right. My husband and I were hiking in the very early stages of spring, I still remember this day as if it was yesterday taking in the cool, crisp air and the beautiful lush greenery that B.C. is famous for. I looked at my husband and said, “Adaline Rose. That's her name!”, and we both agreed that was our daughter. Very similarly, it happened organically with our son... We loved the name Oliver and well, Bodhi, his middle name is inspired from a surf film. Not as romantic and timeless but he is definitely a little Bodhi.

    harly jae x shereen jupp

    4. The way you have created Mother Muse during such a magical, and some may say daunting, time of your life gives us deep inspiration. Can you share with us an unexpected lesson from running Mother Muse while parenting your two young ones?

    I think this experience has taught me how strong I am and that we are capable of following our dreams while being a parent. You can do it. It won't be easy but it's worth every learning lesson. It wasn't so unexpected but with my company growing so quickly I am now expanding into a team and it's been a wonderful new adventure for me. Teaching others about Mother Muse and my ethos has made me even more passionate about my company. 

    5. What themes are presenting themselves for your next issue of Mother Muse?

    Spring is in the air! The new issue is a celebration of rebirth with a lot more written content and interviews complimented with the romantic and poetic editorials that Mother Muse is known for. 

    6. Who would be a dream mother for you to interview?

    Founder of Every Mother Counts Christy Turlington. She is one of my biggest inspirations. I admire everything she does for women to raise funds that support maternal health programs around the world.

    harly jae x mother muse

    7. Who is the most fashionable mother you know?

    I don't know her personally (& I wish I did) but Audrey Hepburn is one of my favourite icons. Everything from her style to her grace, I just adore. 

    8. You emit a natural, beautifying glow that we admire. What is your favourite skin care product that you can’t imagine life without?

    Thank you! The 2 products I am using for my skin currently are: Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask and Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser both are by Glow Recipe.

    9. What does date night look like for you and your husband & what do you wear?

    I wish date nights weren't so rare! I usually wear something sweet and romantic. I love an excuse to wear a skirt with a knit top or a beautiful dress, however I usually always wear dresses. I recently just bought an outfit from my favourite French shop, this outfit needs a date night.

    10. And lastly, for fun, what is your favourite harly jae piece?

    The Bardot jumpsuit & Provence Skirt! 

    Thank you for welcoming us into your world, Shereen.
    Shereen is wearing our Arlès Dress in taupe, size small. You can shop it here

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