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  • February 06, 2020 2 min read


    Decide what we make, get
    15% off your SS20 order
    for one week only. 

    Launching February 12

    AND HERE IS WHY... //

    As a small brand in the big world of fashion, I’m always wondering "how I can bring tangible change to an industry that has been operating in pretty much the same way for too many years?"

    This “Pre-Launch” idea came from my desire to bring you behind the scenes of how fashion works. 

    To explain it very simply:

    Twice a year, designers create new collections: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. A catalogue that lists each design (prices, sizes, colours) is made to present the collection.

    The collection is then shown to buyers & store owners one full season ahead of time (in the Fall they buy for Spring). 

    Buyers can come see the pieces in person at a showroom and the ones that can’t make it in person will make their buy based on the product catalogue.

    SS20 was harly jae’s first season showing a collection to buyers. What this meant for us is that we got orders for our new collection ahead of time - which allowed us to plan better. It gave us an idea of what pieces will be popular, and in which colours & sizes.

    It got me thinking, could we do something similar with our dear online customers (aka you)?

    So, next week you will be introduced to our SS20 collection in the same way buyers have been.

    You will see our items photographed in their imperfect state, because we keep perfecting fit right up until production. Not all colourways are photographed because we did not have the time nor money to make more samples back in August.

    Most importantly, you will have a say in what we are making.

    Small batch clothing is what we’re committed to and we can only do it right with your help.

    In exchange for helping us plan better, we will be offering 15% off all SS20 orders for 1 week only.

    Typically, brands discount what’s left over at the end of the season. We prefer passing on the savings to you early on when you can make a difference in what we produce and that way you get to wear our pieces during the season.

    So.. get excited for Wednesday, buyers!

    Laïla, xo