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  • July 10, 2023 5 min read


    This journal series celebrates distinctive homes and their owners, showcasing their individuality and creativity while uncovering the secrets behind each unique abode. 

    Anna Margaret's home is filled with unique, thrifted finds, and we were so excited to learn more about her process of how she decorates her home. Along the way, she tells us tips that she's learned while starting her own garden, her two businesses, and the English Countryside aesthetic that she is inspired by.


    Tell us about who you are and your story.

    My name is Margo Roth and I’m an Instagram & YouTube creator and blogger! Vintage home decor, interior design, conscious fashion, sustainable skincare/beauty, and all things antique, thrifted and romantic are my passions! I’m also a small business owner of two local shops (a coffee shop and a bar/market) and spend most of my free time gardening, antiquing and taking care of our slightly insane family of animals (ducks, chickens, dogs, cats and rabbits included)!

    What does a day in your life look like?

    I really don’t have a typical consistent day to day schedule! Because my husband and I are small business owners, our schedule is always subject to change! We usually start out the day by taking care of all of our critters at home and then heading to the shops to get a bit of work done. I also love to try and sneak in a trip to a thrift store! We then spend the afternoon gardening and doing work around the house. I actually don’t do any of the cooking but I do all of the cleaning so he will make dinner while I clean the house! 

    harly jae x Anna Margaret Roth

    If you had to describe your home décor style in 3 words, what would they be?

    I think I would say comfortable, colorful, and layered! 

    How has your interior styling evolved over the years?

    I’ve always specifically loved English country/cottage style. Even since I was little, I wanted to make my spaces as cozy as possible! But in recent years I’ve tried really hard to teach myself not to be overly precious with my home decor items/style. I don’t want to save things for best or make my home like a museum. I want it to be a place where people can really feel at home and not like they can’t sit down or touch anything. As a designer it’s a tricky balance between styling and over-styling. 

    harly jae x Anna Margaret Roth

    Do you feel like your current style is the one you will stick with the longest and that has resonated with you the most?

    I think I will always love the English country style! I’ve loved it since reading Angelina Ballerina and Brambly Hedge as a kid and being so envious of their little cottage homes. I hope that as I grow and learn more that I will always be open to changing things up and incorporating new ideas, but I know I will always have English Country style at the core of my designs.

    It seems like you enjoy thrifting most of the pieces in your home! How do you approach thrifting to score the best pieces?

    95% of my home decor is thrifted! In my opinion it’s the best way to source items for your home! You will often find more high quality and unique items that way, not to mention the sustainability aspect which is so important to me! My best advice for thrifting in general is to go often and keep an open mind. Also, utilize Facebook Marketplace for larger items. There really is no method to the madness because it is so unpredictable!

    harly jae x Anna Margaret Roth

    Why does having a home filled with unique pieces you love feel important to you?

    I love my home to feel like a collection of meaningful items that bring up happy memories and cozy vibes! That won’t be the case with every item of course but it’s nice to strive for that! I’m also a maximalist through and through so I just love having lots of stuff layered all together for a collected effect! 

    What is your process like when decorating your home?

    I definitely love to use Pinterest and Instagram as a source of inspo but I’d also say to maybe take a break from online inspo and look out in the world! I love turning to old books, magazines, and local spaces to inspire me as well. I’d recommend starting with one specific room or space so you don’t get too overwhelmed and then maybe pick a color scheme that you’d like to stick to! It’s also helpful to have a central piece of art or furniture to build your space around and pull colours/textures/inspo from.

    harly jae x Anna Margaret Roth

    Spacious gardens are hard to come by for us in Vancouver BC so we have loved seeing yours come to life. What are your top 3 tips for anyone that wants to start their own garden from scratch?

    Don’t be afraid to fail! So much of gardening is trial and error! I think lots of people are scared of making mistakes and so they avoid it all together. When we first started gardening most of our plants died (lol). You have to keep learning and allow yourself to make mistakes. Raised beds are a great option for those with limited space. And I love a nice full herbaceous border around a house or wall. I’d also recommend adding height to your garden to maximize space. A trellis looks lovely and gives you more growing room! 

    We love that both of your businesses share similar décor styles as your home! Can you tell us a little bit about them and what your décor style has brought to the café and restaurant?

    My shops are decorated in a really similar way to my home because I wanted to create spaces that I’d feel most happy and comfortable in! It’s been fun to see how that English country vibe is kind of universally synonymous with comfort and ease even for those that don’t necessarily understand why! My favorite compliment about my shops is that they feel cozy and like home. I love that people feel so comfortable in those spaces. Decorating businesses has also been a huge lesson in patience and not being overly precious with items because things constantly get broken, stained, and destroyed by customers.

    harly jae x Anna Margaret Roth

    What is on the agenda for the rest of 2023?

    I’m launching my own home decor brand!!! House of Margo! Hopefully in late summer or early fall.

    harly jae x Anna Margaret Roth

    Lastly, a fun question – what do you like most about your harly jae clothes?

    I love the quality and the commitment to sustainability in a world where most fashion is cheap and unethically sourced. Not to mention the designs are lovely and timeless! 


    Anna wears our Prairie Dress Black, House Blouse Radiant Linen, & Pierrot Pants Olive

    Find Margo on Instagram or Youtube, follow along her cafe here, and her bar/market here.