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  • October 04, 2023 4 min read


    This journal series celebrates distinctive homes and their owners, showcasing their individuality and creativity while uncovering the secrets behind each unique abode. 

    Amanda describes herself as one-third music maker, one-third photographer, and one-third business woman, but we feel that she should also add her home design skills into the mix. We explored her Moroccan-inspired home in Ibiza, all while getting to learn more about her beginnings and how she got to where she is today.


    We’d love to learn about your beginnings, and what/who shaped the person you are today.

    I grew up just north of Miami, but was already traveling outside the country at three months! My mom grew up in Guatemala so we visited my grandmother and family down there quite a lot where I was lucky enough to grow up with an influence of Latin culture. When I was 18, I left to study in Los Angeles where I stayed for ten years! I still have my best friends there and it will always feel like home. I studied art history and photography and then got a Masters in art curation. I was also in a band for about five years— music still plays a huge role in my life and I’m hoping to record an album at the start of next year.

    After Los Angeles, I moved back to Miami in 2017 and started my business Women Photo Tours where I lead photo + art trips for women creatives in Cuba, Guatemala, Italy, and Spain. I would say I’m one-third music maker, one-third photographer, and one-third business woman.

    harly jae x Amanda Bjorn

    What influenced your decision to make Ibiza your home base?

    My partner grew up here! He’s Italian, but his family has been coming here since the 1950s. We were traveling back and forth for a while living in Miami. I became pregnant and we decided we needed to ‘settle’ down a bit so we came to Ibiza to have Rufus and create our home. 

    Tell us the story of how you & your husband picked your home.

    It’s a very Italian situation as we are living on the same land as Brando’s family who have their house next door. Our house was actually designed by his parents who were inspired by elements of Moroccan architecture. Our living room has a beautiful mosaic that was actually part of the outside courtyard, but they renovated it into a larger room the year before we moved in. It’s one of my favorite parts of the house!

    Our house was always used as a rental so when we moved in, I did a major interior design redo. There is still so much work to do, but I love decorating. 

    harly jae x Amanda Bjorn
    Favourite places to eat, shop, and explore in Ibiza so far?
    It’s always evolving! My current favorite spots to eat are Juntos, la Paloma, and the chiringuito at Escondida. For shopping I always go to Santa Gertrudis for Numero 74, Es Cucons, and Titolandia for my son. Our favorite beaches are Portixol, Salinas, and Escondida. 

    We love neutral staples here at harly jae, but we’ve been diving into more colours and patterns lately – why is living with colour important to you and how do you balance it without clashing?

    Living with color is super important. When I moved here, I fell in love with all the colorful Moroccan rugs on the island as they feel like giant floor paintings. I tend to keep adding more! I honestly have no idea if I’m clashing or not, but I just come from an intuitive place and if it works for me, it works. I am constantly moving things around though trying out new color schemes! 

    harly jae x Amanda Bjorn

    How has your interior décor style evolved over the years?

    It’s always been colorful! I’ve definitely gotten better at thrifting and collecting quality pieces that will last over time. 

    Is there a piece of art in your home that you connect with the most?

    I have a few! My best friend Jessica Csanky created a stunning abstract painting that I have in my living room next to the mosaic. I also love this painting we have from a Joshua Tree artist, Shari Elf that says, “What would Cher do?” 

    harly jae x Amanda Bjorn

    We would love to know more about the photo tours that you host and where you’re hoping to travel to next!

    Women Photo Tours are empowering and inclusive travel experiences for all women-identifying creatives. We promote art and cultural exchanges through ethical photography practices, collaborative art making, and authentic human connection. Our trips are for the artist, the dreamer, the people watcher, and the storyteller. 

    We have lots of dates for 2024 being announced soon! We are hoping to add Morocco, Iceland, and Oaxaca to the mix. You can follow along the journey on our Instagram or check out our website.

    How do your harly jae pieces complement your personal style?

    I love the softness of these tops and the 70s style fit of the pants! They make me feel sexy, but cozy at the same time. I’m also just obsessed with white flowy tops and so these go perfect with the rest of my closet. 

    harly jae x Amanda Bjorn

    Keep up with her on her personal Instagram and learn more about her photo tours here.