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  • November 24, 2018 1 min read

    You love our Pierrot Pants so much...

    Since their launch this past May, you have emailed us countless times to let us know how much you love the flattering fit of our Pierrot pants, and how quickly they became your favourite pants. 

    So, it only made sense to us to make them in a new colourway. A colour that we knew you would love right away, and wear over and over again.

    Denim was the answer to our vision. And they have finally arrived.

    You can shop them right here along with a full size restock of the same pants in Black & Nomad. As well as an extra size added to our size range: XL. (Yay, for a tiny step towards size inclusivity!)

    To be as transparent as possible with you, please note that the denim version of the Pierrot pants is not as eco-friendly as the Black & Nomad versions which are made of hemp and organic cotton.

    The reason we decided to go ahead and produce them in denim is that we felt the uniqueness of the piece would make it something you would cherish for a very long time. That's right; the Pierrot Denim are like no other pair of jeans you already own.

    See for yourself!

    - Laïla + hj team